There's plenty of time in 24/7

Curated by Steinunn Önnudóttir & Halla Hannesdóttir.
Solo exhibition in Harbinger, Reykjavík.



I really want a dog,
but I can't imagine having the time to take care of it for the next few years.


What kind of company could I get, that won't take too much time?

Well, unfortunately not everyone can get a dog.
They are both time and money-consuming.
Luckily, there are plenty of options for someone in your position.

Ok, great.

How much time do you have to spare for this pet?
Do you have time to take your cat to the vet?
Do you have time for trips to the pet store to buy salamander fodder?
Or do you have time to buy shrimps and feed them yourself? Sometimes you have to do that.


If the answer to these questions is no, I recommend mushrooms.
Their genetic origin is far closer to us than it is to plants,
and that's why you can expect a closer relationship with a mushroom rather than with your average house plant.


Growing certain types of mushrooms is a wonderfully simple process.
If you get your growing kit from a good supplier you only need to feed them from time to time,
spritz them with some water, and make sure that the temperature is fairly stable.
Mushrooms will give you the same warm feeling of being needed, as well as giving you the pleasure of seeing something grow up and thrive.
The life cycle of a mushroom is however much shorter than that of a house plant.
The lifespan of many mushrooms is comfortably short, which is especially suitable for the short attention spam of today's generation.


I recommend oyster mushrooms.
They are beautiful and they grow up fast. You can even use your coffee grounds to grow them.
Then, if you get tired of them you can simply eat them and put the rest in compost
Totally organic. I hope this helps.

List of works
Oyster mushrooms are better pets than dogs because they don't need as much attention but they still need you.
Collaboration with Magnús Magnússon.
Oyster mushrooms grown in coffee grounds, saw, calcium, plastic.
A bird waiting.
Wax, clay, leafs, bioplastic.
Beach babe.
Beach bag, sand from Nauthólsvík beach, speaker containing sound of waves every 3 minutes.
Like the shit underneath your shoe.
Stickers printed on both sides. Some with glue side facing up, so they attach underneath shoes.
Egg timer. Paper collage resembling sunset. Microphone stand.
Neon yellow bioplastic and liquorice.

Photos by Filip Hauer