January 2019

Goodie Goodie Goodie Bags with Kristín Helga Ríkharðsdóttir in IDEAL, Prague.

/10.1 - 12.1.2019 /
Goodie Goodie Goodie Bags opens at 18:00, 10th of January
IDEAL Prostor, U Slovanské pojištovny 862/3, Praha 4

Wow, you haven't aged a bit!
Attempting that effortless, sunkissed glow. A durable product, withstanding the test of time. You are what you eat, you know.
Fabulous, making me last from day to night to tomorrow to 2020.
Bára's and Kristín's work is subverting the commercial aspects of our daily life, the product, the food, the goodies. it confronts ideas like raw, farm and bio, unveiling the colonialistic politics behind these commercial strategies. At the same time Their work is considering the xeno- life of object from the views close to object oriented ontology, with focus on the voice of single artificial/natural objects, translated to human like narratives.

Goodie Goodie Goodie Bags opens at 18:00, 10th of January in IDEAL.

November 2018

Coffee Break with Laumulistasamsteypan in The Living Art Museum, Reykjavík.

Welcome to Rumelsi #2 at The Living Art Museum: Coffee Break by the artist collective Laumulistasamsteypan. During opening hours guests are welcome to stop by, for just a moment or a little while longer, and take a break with the members of the collective. Laumulistasamsteypan's Coffee Break will take place from the 27th of November until the 2nd of December.

It's almost starting, we're about to do something miraculous in just a second, right after this cup of coffee. Just one more sip and that's it. Prepare for everything that happens right after this small break - you won't believe your eyes! But not yet, first we sip our beverage and gather strength. Get into the right mindset, you know, and calm our nerves. Incredible invention, this black bitter bean-brew. However, be careful not to look too deep into the dark liquid, it might stare back.

Before coffee was invented, people didn't know how to take breaks. Finally there was this productivity-promising, steaming excuse to hide behind, as opposed to the idea of sitting down without an agenda. That would be absurd - downright foolish. Then there were people that didn't drink coffee so they invented the cigarette in order to take breaks as well. It's very important not to take it too easy, you see, never to be completely idle.

November 2018

We've All Been There with Sophie Bates in At7, Amsterdam.

I want you to want me
I need you to need me
I'd love you to love me
I'm begging you to beg me

We invite you to a familiar-feminine display where we will be serving whipped cream coverage, personal upkeep! and diary snippets. Consume these artworks how you swallow up dirty secrets, gorge on Netflix.


This project was sponsored by the City of Reykjavik, Myndstef and The Association of Icelandic Artists

August/September 2018

There's plenty of time in 24/7
Solo exhibition in Harbinger, Reykjavík.
Curated by Steinunn Önnudóttir and Halla Hannesdóttir



I really want a dog,
but I can't imagine having the time to take care of it for the next few years.


What kind of company could I get, that won't take too much time?

Well, unfortunately not everyone can get a dog.
They are both time and money-consuming.
Luckily, there are plenty of options for someone in your position.

Ok, great.

How much time do you have to spare for this pet?
Do you have time to take your cat to the vet?
Do you have time for trips to the pet store to buy salamander fodder?
Or do you have time to buy shrimps and feed them yourself? Sometimes you have to do that.


If the answer to these questions is no, I recommend mushrooms.
Their genetic origin is far closer to us than it is to plants,
and that's why you can expect a closer relationship with a mushroom rather than with your average house plant.


Growing certain types of mushrooms is a wonderfully simple process.
If you get your growing kit from a good supplier you only need to feed them from time to time,
spritz them with some water, and make sure that the temperature is fairly stable.
Mushrooms will give you the same warm feeling of being needed, as well as giving you the pleasure of seeing something grow up and thrive.
The life cycle of a mushroom is however much shorter than that of a house plant.
The lifespan of many mushrooms is comfortably short, which is especially suitable for the short attention spam of today's generation.


I recommend oyster mushrooms.
They are beautiful and they grow up fast. You can even use your coffee grounds to grow them.
Then, if you get tired of them you can simply eat them and put the rest in compost
Totally organic. I hope this helps.