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January 2019

TBA with Kristín Helga Ríkharðsdóttir in IDEAL, Prague.

November 2018

Coffee Break with Laumulistasamsteypan in The Living Art Museum, Reykjavík.

TBA with Sophie Bates in At7, Amsterdam.

August/September 2018

There's plenty of time in 24/7
Solo exhibition in Harbinger, Reykjavík.
Curated by Steinunn Önnudóttir and Halla Hannesdóttir

Photos by Filip Hauer

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September 2018

Conversation with artist Bergur Thomas Anderson about 'There's plenty of time in 24/7'
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May 2018

Forms of life. The Nordic House, Reykjavík.
Curated by Thomas Pausz

January 2018

But we have so much in common
Collaboration with Vala Sigþrúðar Jónsdóttir
A performance in a laundromat in Laugardalur
Click here for writing by Sólveig Eir Stewart, on 'But we have so much in common'.