Bára Bjarnadóttir

b. 1991
Reykjavík, Iceland

2014-2017 BA Fine Art department, Iceland University of the Arts
2016 Exchange at InSitu department, Royal Academy of Antwerp
2013-2014 Basic Year, Gerrit Rietveld Academy
2012 Architecture department, Iceland University of the Arts

Selected exhibitions

Go! Screening at Jamm, Jamm, Jamm event series. Nordic House.
Allt á sama tíma. Hafnarborg.
Goodie Goodie Goodie Bags. w/ Kristín Helga Ríkharðsdóttir. IDEAL, Prague.

Coffee Break with Laumulistasamsteypan. Rumelsi #2 at the Living Art Museum. Reykjavík
We've All Been There. w/ Sophie Bates. At7, Amsterdam
There's Plenty of Time in 24/7. Solo exhibition in Harbinger, Reykjavík
Pressure of the Deep. Co-curating with other board members and staff of the Living Art Museum. The Living Art Museum, Reykjavík
But we have so much in common. w/ Vala Sigþrúðar Jónsdóttir. Laugardalur, Reykjavík

Koma. Skaftfell Art Center, Seyðisfj¨rður
Strange weather, isn't it? RÝMD, Reykjavík
Gestures. Reykjavík Art Museum
Can you hear me now? Collaboration with Vala Sigþrúðar Jónsdóttir. LungA Art Festival, Seyðisfj¨rður
Ham & the clusterfog gig. Harbinger, Reykjavík
Two hands-on women. Sequences off-venue, Reykjavík
RADIO SANDWICH ep. 1 listening party and the Foodless Foodmarket. Collaboration with Kristín Helga Ríkharðsdóttir. The Living Art Museum, Reykjavík

VLS1A5 performance evening. ALS1A5, Antwerp
Interrupting the City. Stadsfeestzaal, Antwerp
This will not make you any more wet than the word water. Solo exhibition at Skúrinn, Icelandic Academy of the Arts

Installation at Sundh¨llin. LÚR art festival, Ísafj¨rður
Expedition. With Laumulistasamsteypan Hámundarst¨ðum, Hrísey
Bólfesta - Ekkisens: Hústaka II. Ekkisens, Reykjavík
Vídjóból. An evening of video works. Ekkisens art space, curator, Reykjavík

Other projects
2018-2019. Co-Creator of Show & Tell with Vala Sigþrúðar Jónsdóttir. A discussion group for young artists, held at the Reykjavik City library.
2017-2018. Alternate board member of the Living Art Museum
Co-Creator of online exhibition space Mixbox online w/ Pamela Kut'áková

2015, 2017, 2019 Laumulistasamsteypan, Hrísey

Interview, Everything at the same time in Hafnarborg, Menningin. September, 2019
Everything at the same time in Hafnarborg, by Bergur Thomas Anderson. Artzine, 2019
There's plenty of time in 24/7: A conversation about Bára Bjarnadóttir's exhibition in Harbinger, by Bergur Thomas Anderson. Artzine, 2018
The performance ̎But we have so much in common̎ shown in a Laugardalur Laundromat, by Sólveig Eir Stewart. Artzine, 2018