Can You Hear Me Now?

Vala Sigþrúðar Jónsdóttir & Bára Bjarnadóttir
LungA Art Festival, Seyðisfj¨rður, 2017.

Her cat cuddles up to the charger for warmth.
Concurrently the other one mentions how the surface of the keyboard warms up her palms.

Melted HDPE plastic, wire, phone, headphones, video 03:37.
When the light of the phone goes blue, an audio piece for two begins.
The narrator connects the two listeners with vibration, he makes them go mmmm.
Did it sound like a phone ringing on a table?

Bloody Ecology
Melted HDPE plastic, phone, wire, rusty stones and rustic cloth from Mosfellsdalur countryside.
Metal rack found in exhibition space.
A landscape of bacteria that resembles rust, actual rust and plastic in its afterlife.

UV light, UV paint, CD, CD player, dentures, vibrating metal plate, audio 2:56.
In a 1-hour looping performance, a CD and teeth are connected through toothpaste.
(Using toothpaste is an old trick to cleaning CDs)
Once both have been cleaned, the CD is placed in a CD player.
A voice directs the audience to pay attention to the vibrating of metal in their surroundings
- starting with an imaginary scene by train tracks where they must lay their ear to the ground
in order to know wether a train is coming or going.